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Bring Your Spirit Babies Home

The Spiritual Path To Motherhood 

A 12- Week Transformational Online Program for Women TTC

" It is FINALLY Your time to take the mystery out of fertility.
Take an ENERGETIC and SPIRITUAL Approach to Conception. "

Anne-Claire Spitit Baby Medium

You are tired of trying everything 

to get pregnant and getting negative test results

Your inner clock is ticking

and you are starting to lose hope

You feel out of control and powerless

and unsure of what to do next 

You feel destined to become a Mum

but you are starting to doubt it: "Will I ever be able to have a child?"

You Struggling to understand why you are unable to get pregnant 

despite no identifiable medical issues

" YOU WANT A BABY more than anything, and you always thought getting pregnant would be easy.
But it turns out it's NOT THAT SIMPLE.
The worst bit is that you aren’t even sure why? "

Imagine This...

❤ Feeling confident that your baby is HERE and will come

❤ Having FAITH and HOPE again, know you are on the right path

❤ Deeply seeing that you can do it, your body CAN get pregnant!


❤ TRUSTING in the process and the divine timing

❤ Being CONNECTED to your baby, start building your relationship

Taking an entirely NEW APPROACH to fertility, a more gentle and aligned and finally feeling more in control of your fertility

Take my hand and lets do it TOGETHER

Shift your entire fertility journey inside of…

Bring Your
Spirit Babies


Pregnancy Coaching - Spirit Baby Communi

The Spiritual Path To Motherhood
A 12-week Program


 Women 35-45    Trying to conceive    Natural or IVF Path

Looking For Holistic And Spiritual Support To GET PREGNANT.

It's time to reconnect to your
INNER POWER, FEMININE ENERGY, and CREATIVITY, with this version of you
who can bring life into the world.

This is how

Bring Your
Spirit Babies


This is how

changes everything:

changes everything:


You’ve never felt more out of control. You've tried so many things that you don't know what else to try.

 You keep doubting yourself with thoughts like… will it ever happen to me? Am I even meant to be a mom?

 You question your body and its ability to get pregnant.

 You lose hope even if you try hard to keep your faith going.

 You wonder, "What is wrong with me?"

 You fear "running out of time", which is stressing you even more.

 You feel isolated and alone because you have no one to talk to about your journey.

 You are trying to control the situation even if, deep inside, you know it is not in your power.


 You feel at peace because you deeply know that your baby is coming.

 You have hope and faith again that you will be a mum.

 You feel empowered and know that your body can do it.

 You met your Spirit Baby and can communicate with them on your own.

 You trust and have confidence in your body, the process, and the divine timing.

 You gain clarity on your journey, received answers and understand your situation better.

 You feel open and believe in your ability to get pregnant and birth a healthy baby

 You are supported by a beautiful group of conscious women that understand you.

Can you feel the difference?

They share their experiences...

“ I received a positive pregnancy test yesterday! "

" Happy New Year Anne-Claire! I just wanted to say thank you for our work together. I received a positive pregnancy test yesterday! Due in September 2022! 

We pray our babe or babes have a safe journey in the womb and abundant health. My heart tells me he/she/they will! 

With gratitude."


"Anna is very compassionate, kind, soulful, and an excellent guide. I would highly recommend working with."

Kelly - USA

“ Anne-Claire has gifts that undoubtedly take women towards empowerment and self-discovery."

" This experience was unexpected, incredible and stirring! I was heard and understood during my time of immense grief. Anne-Claire found the right words and offered the right tools and exercises to make me evolve toward reflection and acceptance.

I absolutely loved the Spirit Baby Communication session and receiving Spirit Baby messages.

Thank you for being part of my journey. Your guidance freed me from a heavy weight of guilt and sadness. I see a possible future now. "

Sarah - UK

“ Superb guidance and valuable advice to put all the chances on our side to welcome our future baby."

"Magical, sweet and intense experience filled with kindness and love. It brought me a lot of serenity and joy. My heart is filled, and I feel closer to this little soul.
Superb guidance and valuable advice to put all the chances on our side to welcome our future baby. An incredible experience! Anne-Claire is a highly caring person who can put you at ease
. A moment of pure happiness that I would have liked to be longer. Thank you for your generosity and your kindness. "

Fanny - France

Soul Connection


with your baby, yourself, your partner and other women


your space, your body, your energy, your fears


your body, past traumas, the relationship with your mum


in your ability to get pregnant, carry a healthy baby and give birth


with your higher self, your baby's needs, and your dreams


bring your baby earthside

What you can expect when joining

Bring Your
Spirit Babies


Soul Connection

Think and reassess your approach to babymaking

 Learn more about the Spirit Baby World

Clear any physical, emotional, or energetic blocks

 Gain clarity on your fertility journey

 Connect with your Spirit Babies

 Explore your beliefs around motherhood

Receive spiritual guidance and energy healing

❤ Make more space for your feminine energy

❤ Reconnect to your inner strength and intuition

Connect with other conscious and spiritual women

What they say...

“ The experience with Anne-Claire is very magical & beautiful."

" The experience with Anne-Claire is very magical & beautiful. With her support, I was able to connect to the spiritual realm and get some clarity on some questions that I had. After working with her, I felt very calm and at ease. I regained my trust in my own intuition and also believe even more in spirituality. Anne - Claire is very sweet and kind and makes sure that her clients feel comfortable throughout the process."

Marianna - Australia

“ I feel more confident and peaceful to facilitate my spirit babies' transition from the spirit realm to the earth realm."

" It was great to work with Anne-Claire. She is able to provide clear guidance to her clients on how to connect with their Spirit Babies and what would need to be worked on by the parents to help facilitate the spirit babies to come to earth side.

This program brought me peace of mind and clarity on whom I can become and the mother I
 can be. I feel more confident and peaceful to facilitate my spirit babies' transition from the spirit realm to the earth realm."

Olivia - Netherland

What is included in the program?

Lifetime access to 12 online modules

12 guided meditation special conception

6 group coaching calls

2 Private sessions with Anne-Claire

Access to a community facebook group

The Spiritual Path To Motherhood
A 12-Week Program
Starting June 8 2023

Bring your Spirit Babies Home

Bring Your
Spirit Babies


12 Online Modules

○ Published weekly

Each module includes ○ 3 Videos - Teaching

○ Homeplay - Practical Exercices

○ 1 Guided Meditation

12 Guided Meditations

○ Created especially for conception

○ To clear, heal, transform your energy, vizualised

○ Released weekly with each module

6 Group Coaching Calls

○ Bi-weekly - Over zoom

○ Share - Connect - Ask questions

○ Each call will have a specific guidance to go deeper

2 1:1 Sessions

○ Session of 75 minutes

○ With Anne-Claire

○ Over zoom

○ Can be used any time during the 3 months of the program

Support In A Private Facebook Group

A caring group to ask your questions, share your explorations and your celebrations

You will access a network of women who are facing similar situations as yours

With the presence of Anne-Claire

You are ready to join the program if...

✓ You want to get pregnant more than anything

✓ You want to optimize your chance of natural conception and/or IVF

✓ You would like to remove any block that might be between you and your baby

✓ You wish to feel confident, at peace and empowered when it comes to your fertility

✓ You are interested in personal development, meditation, coaching, spirituality

✓ You are open to an energetic, spiritual and sacred approach to fertility

✓ You feel ready to try new things, to grow and awaken

✓ You can dedicate time weekly (2-3 hours) to this program and your growth

✓ You need support and encouragement on what you could do to help that baby to come and ease your fertility journey
✓ You would love to be part of a group, hear other's stories, feel supported and understood

You are NOT ready to join the program if...

✗ You are already pregnant

✗ You want everything to stay the same and are not open to change

✗ You expect to keep doing the same things and have different outcomes

✗ You are not willing to create space for this program (2-3 hours weekly)

✗ You are looking for a nutrition program

✗ You are skeptical about the spiritual realm, reincarnation, intuition

✗ You think the answers are "outside of you"

You feel the call to join the

Bring Your Spirit Babies Home

The Spiritual Path To Motherhood

A 12-Week Journey

Clear - Make Space in your Environment, Body and Mind

Guided Meditation 1 - Cleanse, Ground, Protect Your Energy

Spirit Babies - How to communicate, How do you know it is not your mind talking...

Guided Meditation 2 - Connect with your Spirit Baby (Long + Short Version)


Your Energy Is Key - Chakras, Auras, Energetic Practices...

Guided Meditation 3 - Chakras Clearing And Balancing (+ Chakras Affirmations)


Make Peace With Your Body - Gratitude, Healing, Forgiveness...

Guided Meditation 4 - Womb Healing Meditation - Shinning Uterus


Your Birth, Your Mom - Investigate your pregnancy and birth, the relationship with your mom...

Guided Meditation 5 - Cord-Cutting Meditation: Release Unhealthy Attachments & Call Back Your Power


Believe, Shift Your Mindset - Recalibrate your beliefs, empowerment...

Guided Meditation 6 - Positive Fertility Affirmation


Remove Any Blocks - Identify and transform your fears, heal past trauma...

Guided Meditation 7 - Shifting Reality - Let Go Of The Past


Align with yourself and your partner - Reflect, set boundaries...

Guided Meditation 8 - Raise Your Vibration - Increase Your Frequency


Feminine Energy - Importance of being more in your feminine energy, how to do it...

Guided Meditation 9 - Open To Receive - Call Your Spirit Baby In Your Womb


Manifest - Your vision of motherhood, raise your vibration...

Guided Meditation 10 - Visualize A Full Pregnancy


Have Fun, Selfcare - Make yourself a priority, give yourself the gift of time...

Guided Meditation 11 - Forgiveness - Heart-Opening Meditation 


Rest and relax - The magic of slowing down, breathing exercises...

Guided Meditation 12 - Manifestation Meditation

The power of
this fertility program

Deep, Intense and Peaceful Experience. "

" Deep, Intense and Peaceful Experience. I received the confirmation for my questions and felt lots of love energy. After each session, I felt calm and relaxed. Now I am ready for my Spirit Baby to come whenever there are ready. I really liked how everything was conducted.
Spirit Baby Communication Sessions are very personal and transcendental experiences that you can only believe or understand fully when having one on your own."

Lilian - USA

“ I’m happy I did this Spirit Babies Program with Anne-Claire and I definitely recommend it."

" Exciting and interesting experience. I had a good feeling about booking with you, as I closely pay attention to my intuition. I had never done anything like this before and was one of those who said I would never go to medium. I felt it went smoothly and it was authentic. My Spirit Babies told me how to best communicate with them to get answers. Also, the sessions with Anne-Claire validated that they want me to do the work (heal my family's intragenerational trauma). I’m happy I did this Spirit Babies Program with Anne-Claire and I definitely recommend it. Thank You😇 with Love from Chicago, IL USA"

Helen - USA


Anne-Claire Spirit Babies Medium

Anne-Claire is a Spiritual Guide, Healer, Spirit Baby Medium, Doula, Coach and Naturopath, and she will be your guide for 12 weeks of powerful transformation.

She has helped hundreds of women worldwide to bring their Spirit Babies Home and shift their perception of the fertility journey.

In this program, she combines her unique skills and knowledge of birth and conception with her life experiences to help you create a new reality and feel closer to your baby.

" I am HERE to empower and guide you on the path to motherhood. I want to encourage women like you to trust their intuition and the special bond which already exists with your Spirit Babies. "

Supporting women like you on your own unique journey is my deepest passion, and I can’t wait to work with you too, Beautiful Mama!

Apply NOW

Investment in yourself and your baby

1 single payment: US $1800

Payment plans available: 3 installments of US $650 or 6 installments of US $350

Starting Date: June 8, 2023



I’m so excited to see if Bring Your Spirit Babies Home is the best program to support you in getting pregnant!

  Book a 30-minute Clarity Call with Anne-Claire to discuss your situation 

 Complete the application form* so I can learn more about you and your story.

*It will be sent to your inbox after you booked the call


Before and during our call, I’ll assess your application based on your answers to the questions and let you know if you’re a good fit.

It is an excellent opportunity for both of us to see if we will enjoy working together.


I only accept applicants whom I am entirely confident Bring Your Spirit Babies Home will help.


If you are accepted into the program and working with me feels like the right path for you.

  You will save your spot by making the payment 

 In June, you will be starting the journey with us 


Frequently asked questions

I’ve invested big, and it didn’t work. What if it doesn't work again?

It’s safe to say that many women discover me after nothing else has worked – to finally discover a process that feels right. It feels simple, exciting and aligned with who they are. They feel this in both the program and the amazing community.

I created a whole new way of approaching fertility from a holistic perspective that gets down to the ROOT of what’s really going on. To support you greatly in getting pregnant naturally or to assist you beautifully with your next treatment.

"I am so confident that you will find immense value in this program and see real results in your fertility journey that I am offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you feel it did not meet your expectations after our first group coaching call, email me within 48H, and I will refund your full payment, no questions asked."

 How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you are ready to get a grip on your emotional state, re-programme your mind and body for success, then move into the energetic space where I believe your baby can find you, my program can help get you there.

Remember that we will have a 30-minute call together where I will answer all your questions and feel if this program is a good fit for you.

 What stage of my fertility journey should I start this program?

You can start fertility coaching at any stage of your fertility journey. Many clients will attend this program when they are searching for new ways to maximize their fertility or in addition to IVF or other medical treatments, whereas others come to fertility coaching at the beginning of their journey.

Regardless of what stage you are at, "Bring your Spirit Babies Home" can help as it is tailored to the individual.

○ Does this replace the need for other treatments?

In some cases, fertility coaching is all that is needed to create the most fertile conditions for natural conception. In other cases, this program can be the perfect companion to medical treatments such as IVF. Depending on your personal and medical circumstances, "Bring your Spirit Babies Home" can work alone or as part of a holistic treatment plan.

○ Do I have to follow the entire program?

Yes! It is a complete adventure, an alignment work that will take twelve weeks. That being said, you will have access to all the modules, meditations and replays for two years, so you can always do them later if you prefer, BUT the strength of this program is to have a community of women doing it with you and supporting you on your journey. Also, why wait if you desire more than anything to become a mom!?

 How much support will I get from you?

That is a fair and legit question. I am the type of person/client/student who always has many questions! So trust me, I know the importance of getting your questions asked, having someone you can talk to one-on-one if needed, and feeling that if you need support, it would be there. I have done many online programs, some where I felt supported and others not. I created a program where you will feel supported: you will see me twice in a one-on-one for 90 minutes, giving us plenty of time to exchange; I will see you every two weeks during the group call. You will always have the opportunity to express yourself. Between those calls, you can ask your questions and share your challenge on the Facebook group that I will check daily, Monday to Friday. If, on top of that, you have personal concerns, you can always email me, and I will reply in the next 48H. You will be taken care of.

 What if I cannot connect with my Spirit Baby?

80% of my clients can connect to their Spirit Babies with my guidance. Some women cannot for different reasons (they are not used to meditating, they have too many expectations, and their minds are on the way...). That is why I included one-on-one sessions in the program; I recommend that everyone does their first session at the start of the program to identify together if and how you can connect with your Spirit Baby. If, after I guide you during our session, you still cannot connect with your baby, I will be the bridge between you and your baby and deliver the messages to you during that first session. We will also discuss what could be tried, changed, and practiced for you to connect with your Spirit Baby on your own successfully. Be assured that this is not an obstacle for you to be part of the program :-)

 What if I've never meditated before?

That's not a problem, as long as you are open to trying it! All my meditations are guided, which means I tell you exactly what I'd like you to do, plus they complement the module you are working through at the time. My past clients say the meditations are their favourite part of the program, so I'm sure you'll love them.

○ Can we follow the group coaching in replay?

To get the total value of this program, I highly recommend you attend the 6 group coaching calls live.

If you really cannot make it, you can find them in replay in your personal space on the platform we use. Note that the adventure includes 2 individual sessions.

○ How many hours do I need to be ready to invest per week?

I know your time is precious, so I created a program that doesn't take too much of your time; each video will be between 10-15 minutes max. I also invite you to reflect on how much time you are willing to dedicate to your baby, well-being, and growth.

In the first part of the program, we will explore the topic of "How to create more space in your life?" so if it feels like you don't have any time, I will guide you to shift that reality. I was there before, so I get what that can feel like.  

You can invest as much or as little as you want in the program. To put all the chances on your side, here is my recommendation:

1-2 hours weekly to watch the module, do the home play and proposed explorations and do the guided meditation (this content is recorded, so it can always be watched later!)

+ 1H30 biweekly for live group coaching calls - 6 in total

+ 2 individual sessions (of 90 minutes each) 

  Do you guarantee confidentiality?

200%; this is non-negotiable for me. I work with many practitioners (counsellors, healers, therapists...), some famous people, influencers, and even doctors and fertility specialists. Their primary concern is whether I can keep it confidential that they are working with me. The answer is OF COURSE. 

At the start of the program, we will all agree on confidentiality and that everything shared and the person's identity needs to stay in our group only. The Facebook group is private. The replay will only be accessible by the women in the program, and if the share is too confidential or you do not feel comfortable with your share being part of the replay, you will let me know, and I will delete it.

  How do I access the content?

Everything is stored in your online members portal and can be accessed once the program starts in June 2023. You will receive an email a few days before with your access code to the portal.

 What if my partner wants to get involved?

I love when partners want to get involved :-) I created this program for women, BUT I believe your partner could listen to the modules (some might not be speaking to him) and do the exercises and guided meditations. The only thing he won't be able to attend would be the group coaching calls, as I would like to keep it between women. Concerning the one on one session, we could discuss that together to see what would work better in your situation.

 Will your program guarantee I fall pregnant?

No, no program (or clinical treatment) can guarantee that! If you embrace the content thoroughly and do everything I'm suggesting, I'm confident it will move you into a more relaxed, calm and optimistic state, which, as science tells us, is the space needed to create a baby.

 What if I get pregnant inside of the program?

Then you got precisely what you wanted. 

All the lessons and tools you learn inside this program will take you into conception, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

If you have any questions, you can contact Anne-Claire by email at

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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