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Spiritual Life Coach

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and Spirit Babies

Are you a CONSCIOUS & SPIRITUAL woman with a strong desire to BECOME A MOM
and you are looking for a coach to guide you along the way ?

Welcome to Spiritual Life Coaching

I am Anne-Claire, your coach, specialized in Spirit Babies Communication, Conscious Conception, Sacred Pregnancy, home birth and healing after a miscarriage.

As your coach, I can help you...

Spirit Babies and Infertility

On your Conception Journey: 

  Gain clarity on what might be blocking you from creating the family that you desire

❤  Look at the whole picture of your life to see where you might need extra support

❤  Keep a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and with your partner

❤  Get the extra emotional support

Spirit Baby Communication

On your Pregnancy Journey:

❤  Answer any questions you might have around pregnancy, birth and the postpartum

❤  Empower you for the birth - Assist you in your birth plan creation

❤  Find your life balance before baby arrives - Create daily practices

❤  Release anxiety and learn how to deal with fears

Spirit Babies and Infertility

On your Healing Journey after a Miscarriage:

❤  Find courage, peace, faith and hope again

❤  Guide you step by step on your healing process

❤  Clear your physical, emotional and energetic body

❤  Prepare for a future pregnancy when the time is right

Are you ready to step toward the future mom you are meant to be ?

Flower of life

What do I mean by "Spiritual" Life Coach?

I decided to use the word "spiritual," but I could have used "intuitive" or "psychic."

I use my spiritual abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance) to guide you during the coaching sessions, allowing me to connect to the deepest parts of yourself and provide clear guidance.

My intuition helps me sense where you are at, what might be blocking you, and see beyond the words of what you are expressing.

The coaching packages include Spirit Baby Communication. It is a fantastic tool to guide you on your journey to parenthood.


Each session is unique and includes personalized conversations, guidance, and practical tools. As a Spirit Baby Medium, I will also guide you to receive Spirit Baby messages.

Flower of life

What you will get from working
with Anne-Claire

Unique Guidance

One-on-one conversation to gain clarity on your journey to Motherhood.

Holistic Approach

We will look at every dimension: physical body, mind, spirit and energetic body.

Practical Tools

Learn personalized exercices and spiritual practices to take home.


Ongoing support to stay motivated and emails in between sessions as needed.

Flower of life

Ready to invest in your Future Baby?
book Your Free Discovery Call Now 

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