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What is Spirit Baby Communication?

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What are the benefits of SBC ?

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What is Anna's experience with SBC?

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What questions can I ask my SB ?

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Where do babies come from ?

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Who is SBC for ?

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What does a typical session look like?

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What is the investment ?

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Do I have a SB ?

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Can anyone communicate with SB ?

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What is Spirit Baby Communication?

Spirit babies are the souls who are waiting to incarnate on Earth. Just like you have a soul, so does your baby. It is our energetic essence that exists prior to and after life. You may have felt the essence of a loved one who has passed. Connecting with a SB is very similar.

They had previous lives and now are ready to be reborn and start a new life. They often have past life connections to the people who are going to take care of them in their new life.


During a SBC session we connect with the souls of your future baby to have a better understanding of the situation and see if there is anything that can be done to support your journey toward Motherhood. Most of them are longing to interact with you.


Interacting with SB is an amazing holistic fertility tool for conscious conception and pregnancy but also to heal after a miscarriage. It is something that every woman can do including you.

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What are the benefits of SBC ?

There are many benefits from Spirit Baby Communication:


  Gain deep knowing and confidence that everything is unfolding in the right way at the right time

  Get clarity on your fertility journey and improved chances of conception

  Healing and closure in the case of miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion

  Relieving doubt, fear or unease to create a deep sense of peace and calm 

  Deeper trust and connection​ in yourself and in the process

  Start and/or strengthen the relationship you have with your future baby​

  Empower you to make better informed choices

  Give you insight and answers to questions like " What is getting in the way of conception? " 

  Deepen the communication with your Spirit Babies throughout incarnation, pregnancy and motherhood

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Who is SBC for ?

SBC is for anyone who has the call to communicate with Spirit Babies. It can be for future mums or dads, singles or couples, before, during or after a pregnancy...


No need to have special gifts, to be psychic or claivoyant, you simply need to open your heart and mind to receive fully.


This is for you if:

❤  You are desiring children one day

❤  You are just beggining the conception journey

❤  You have been on the path for years and you are having difficulty conceiving

❤  You are pregnant now 

❤  You lost a baby through miscarriage, still birth or abortion


I am here to guide each and every one of you on this journey to give you the best chances of success.

Tune into your heart. You will know if we are meant to work together.

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What does a typical session look like ?

Every session is PERSONAL, DIFFERENT and UNIQUE. Here is the general flow:

After you book your session, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This will help me get to know more about you and your situation and to allow me to take a holistic approach.

The session:

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30 min Discussion

○ Set your intention

○ Spiritual Coaching

○ Share questions for your SB

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15 min Healing

○ Energy Clearing

○ Chakras Balancing

○ Call in your guides for protection

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30 min Guided Journey

○ Travel to SB realm

○ Meet - bond with SB

○ Get the answers to your questions

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15 min Closure

○ Back in the present moment

○ Debrief

○ Spiritual homework


I choose to practice like this rather than giving you the answers myself to EMPOWER YOU and to show you that you can communicate with your Spirit Baby.

After your session, you will receive an email with few key messages from your SB and spiritual homework to raise your frequency, increase your chances of conception and to carry on the communication with your future child.

Interested to experience Spirit Baby Communication?

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What is Anna's experience with SBC ?

I have been guided by Spirit Babies to do this work.

One of my favorite SB stories happened in June 2015, in Mauricius. I was working as a Naturopath with a women who had been trying to conceive for 7 years. During our first session, we talked about the soul, incarnation and how babies choose their parents. When she went home, she had a beautiful conversation with her husband like she has not had in a very long time and they felt connected again. Two weeks later, she came back for an Energy Healing session. During this treatment, we both heard a baby crying and saw her pregnant. It was so strong that she decided to cancel her IVF, which was planned for July. In August, she became pregnant. She now has a 6 year old son.

This is only one of many very interesting and special experiences I got to witness and be part of before officially practicing SBC.

I knew there were something special between SB and I, but I didn't really know what to do with it...

Until I got pregnant in September 2019. The soul of that baby girl told me to work with expecting moms to help them communicate with their babies.

This pregnancy didn't go through and we lost our baby "Blueberry" at 11 weeks. It was really difficult, but it taught me so much, especially how to help women who miscarry. My own healing journey allowed me to create one of the program I am offering to you now. It is a powerful body, mind and spirit healing program specialized in post miscarriage recovery. Discover the "6 Week Healing Journey" After A Miscarriage Here

In April 2020, my second baby came in my dreams and prepared me to expect a boy (something that I have never considered, as I was sure I would have a girl first), he told me his name, shared with me his purpose, AND... a few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. Since then, he pushed me to explore the Spirit Baby realm a little bit more everyday and to finally accept my life purpose of helping incarnation and facilitate unborn children's communication with parents to be.


During the home birth of my son, Noah, in December 2020, being able to communicate with him was a huge help (I knew how he was doing, I reassured him...). 

Spirit Babies have been around me for almost a dedade now. They communicate with me through dreams, writing, deep knowing, card reading and meditation.


I have been offering Spirit Baby Communication sessions professionnaly since 2019.

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What questions can I ask my SB ?

You can ask you SB whatever you want that will help you on your journey.

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Frequently asked questions

○ What can I do to help you come?

○ Do we know each other from a past life? 

 How can I communicate with you?

○ Are you coming on your own or with a brother or a sister?

○ Why did you choose me as your mom/dad?

 Why did you leave?

 How do you want to be born?

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Questions I WARN my clients about

Around time lines such as "When will you come?" or " When will I be pregnant?" because SB timeline is different than ours.

○ About their life mission, often it is better for the parents not to know. The way you interpret it and will influence your child's life can be completletly different that what this mission meant!

Spirit Babies communicate in words, images, colors, senstions, emotions... Each one of them has their own way to communicate with you and the way they communicate with their mum can be different than the way they do with their dad. The way you receive the answers might be unexpected. It might be a sensation rather than a clear Yes or No.

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What is the investment ?

The real question is, how much are you willing to invest in yourself, your family and your future baby?

One Time Session


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$ 200

✓ ONE 90-minute session

✓ Ask your questions and receive messages from your SB

✓ Energy Clearing & Balancing

✓ Guided Journey to meet your Spirit Baby

✓ Spiritual Practices to continue connection on your own

Package of 3 Sessions


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$ 550

✓ Everything in One Time Session

✓ THREE 90-minute sessions

✓ Ongoing validation that you are indeed connecting

✓ Deeper healing and understanding of your situation

✓ Unlimited email support in between sessions

Package of 5 Sessions


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$ 900

✓ Everything in Package of 3

✓ FIVE 90-minute sessions

✓ Deeper work on accessing intuition

✓ Ongoing feedback and advice to receive daily messages from your SB

✓ Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

I am only looking to work with women and couples who truly believe it is the right decision to work together.

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Do I have Spirit Baby ?

If you are asking this question, there is a high probabiblity that you have one ;-)

Does everyone have a SB?

Not necessaraly, most of us made that decision before our incarnation but never forget that we have free-will. You can always decide not to have children even if you were originally planning on having one, the same way that you can call in a Spirit Baby even if you were originally not going to have one.

The most important is to make a decision in alignement with your soul, with your higher self.

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Where do babies come from ?

We are all souls who existed before this incarnation and who will carry on living after we pass away. Outside of life on this earth, there are invisible worlds in the universe where there are guides, angels, beings of light, the after-life and Spirit Babies.


When a Soul is close to coming back to earth, they will go to the SB realm and get ready to incarnate. The Soul will define the reason of their incarnation on earth, what ways they want to experiment, where do they need to live, what kind of parents they wish for, etc.


Once all of this is done, they will try to find the parents who can falicitate this environment and who can support them and their life mission. A contract will be created between this soul and its future parents. This contrat can be created before our own incarnation or during this lifetime. It can even be created life times before our own incarnation.



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Can anyone communicate with SB ?

YES, anyone who is willing can communicate with Spirit Babies. There is no need for special abilities.

The key is to trust the process, quiet the mind (usually through meditation), to remove any doubts and to create space to facilitate this communication. It takes some time and practice.


By experience, I notice that after doing a SBC session, you will be able to communicate with your SB with more ease. Working with Anna will allow you to find out how your SB wants to communicate with you as well as gain confidence in your own abilities to do it on your own.

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