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Spirit Baby Communication

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My Vision

" One day, we will all be aware of our abilities to connect with our babies before they are born."

I BELIEVE in the invisible world.

I BELIEVE in your ability to receive Spirit Baby messages.

I BELIEVE that communication with our children before birth could solve many issues.

Flower of life

My Mission

" My mission is to prepare the path for new souls to incarnate on Earth."

I work with Conscious and Spiritual Women and Couples ready to welcome a New Soul into their lives and who are looking for guidance along the way.

As a Spirit Baby Medium, I am a bridge between you and your Spirit Babies.

Flower of life

My Values

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Open-minded – Consciousness – Awareness 


Authenticity - I value genuine relationships and communication, where we can honestly speak our truth. 

Respect & Trust - I provide an environment where you can arrive precisely how you are.

Passion - I am passionate about the Spirit Babies realm, Sacred Pregnancy and Home Birth. 

Clarity - Here is the feedback I receive the most from clients: "I gained clarity with my Spirit Baby messages."

Faith - Everything happens for a reason, and all the people I meet enter my life for a reason.

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