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Spirit Baby Communication

Spiritual Coaching Journey
Spirit Babies

Sacred Pregnancy

Experience your pregnancy more deeply & spiritually with your "Sacred Pregnancy Journey"
which is a mix of Spiritual Coaching and Spirit Babies Communication.

Welcome to Your Sacred Pregnancy
Coaching Journey

Your Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey goes beyond the basics of what's happening with your body. It helps you grow, prepare spiritually and emotionally for your new role as a Mom.

It invites you to reflect, be utterly conscious during this fantastic life experience, and start bonding with your sweet baby.


What if you could...

❤    Feel calm, confident and genuinely empowered while pregnant and giving birth ?


❤    Feel deeply supported through this exciting time in your life becoming a mother ? 

❤    Feel joyful, prepared and trust the way it will unfold for you ?


Do you desire to...

❤    Have a sacred, blissful, relaxed and stress-free pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood ?

❤    Learn how to trust your intuition and your body’s innate capabilities ?

❤    Infuse more spiritual practices during your pregnancy ?

❤    Be able to communicate directly with your Spirit Babies ?

Your Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey will help prepare your body, mind and spirit. You will feel empowered as a woman and mother, giving your baby the best start possible in life!

As a woman, you embark on a beautiful and exciting journey from pregnancy into birth, motherhood and way beyond. I’m glad you’re seeking support and guidance on this journey, as this can be the most transformational time in your life!

Supporting women like you on your unique journey is my deepest passion, and I can’t wait to work with you.

Flower of life

Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey
is for you if...

❤    You yearn to experience pregnancy in a spiritual and transformative way  

❤    You are looking for something more profound than regular prenatal and postnatal care, as you wish to prepare in a holistically way

❤    You want guidance and tools to help you go deeper, to ground, as well as elevate yourself physically, spiritually and mentally

❤    You wish to bond and connect with your baby during pregnancy and after birth 

❤    You want to prepare for this transformational experience and create a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience

Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey will offer you a holistic and spiritual approach to pregnancy, birth, and parenting to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for becoming a Mom.

Are you interested in starting your Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey ?

Flower of life
Pregnancy Coaching - Spirit Baby Communication

I had a session about a month before my son Noé was born. I really appreciated Anne-Claire's serene, gentle guidance in this spiritual experience to meet the soul of my baby and receive the messages he wanted to share with me. I experienced a very fluid natural delivery without pain. I felt connected to my baby during this whole intense process. I am sure that my session with Anne-Claire influenced this.

Manon, Mauricius

Flower of life

What you will get from this journey together

Pregnancy is the most precious time of your life. You were not meant to do this alone. Receive deep, immersive coaching and mentoring tailored to your needs. 

Unique Guidance

One-on-one conversation to gain clarity on your journey into motherhood.

Holistic Approach

We will look at every dimension: physical body, mind, spirit and energetic body.

Practical Tools

Learn personalized exercices and spiritual practices to take home.


Ongoing support to stay motivated and emails in between sessions as needed.

This Journey together will allow you to:


❤    Establish a stronger bond with your baby right from the get-go

❤    Feel more connected to your pregnancy and your baby

❤    Be emotionally prepared for birth and view the whole experience as Sacred

❤    Lay the foundation to have the labour and birth you deserve

❤    Learn to connect with your intuition and desires for your pregnancy and birth experience

❤    Address all of the fears and concerns that come with pregnancy

❤    Gain the confidence and tools to connect with your Spirit Babies on your own

❤    Ask your baby questions: "What name would you like?", "How would you like to be born?", etc

❤    Have a positive and fulfilling pregnancy

Each session is a combination of intuitive insights, guidance and life coaching.

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What is Included in Your
Sacred Pregancy Coaching Journey

As you are unique and your journey is unique the Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey is customized based on your individual needs and desires.

This is your chance to have personal, loving and empowering support and guidance throughout your journey of becoming a mother.


Coaching Journey

Spirit Baby Communication

✓ Pre-journey history and check-in

✓ Personal 1:1 coaching wholly dedicated to YOU

✓ Professional support from a Spiritual Coach, Spirit Baby Medium, Naturopath and Healer

✓ A safe container where you can come as you are

Spirit Baby Communication & Spiritual Coaching

✓ Guided journey to meet your Baby and receive Spirit Baby messages

Learn how to communicate with your Spirit Babies on your own

Visualization and guided meditation

✓ Energy clearing & balancing

✓ Practical exercises & spiritual practices

Support through any fear that may naturally occur

Support to create your birth wishes/birth plan

Prepare for the postpartum period

✓ Weekly email check-in

✓ Email support in between sessions as needed

✓ Post-journey check-in

Flower of life

Investment in your Coaching Journey

The Sacred Pregnancy Coaching Journey is personalized to give you the highest chance of realizing your dream of parenthood.

Book your free discovery call to get to know each other and discuss what will be the best fit for you.

Spiritual Coaching - Pregnancy Coaching - Spirit Babies
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