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What People Say About Spiritual Coaching
and Spirit Babies Readings

I am full of gratitude for all of the beautiful souls who have crossed my path.
It was a real pleasure to witness your growth. Thank you for your trust!

Mathilde - Spiritual Coaching

Mathilde (France)

"Anne-Claire gave me some precious tips to refocus on my path, she was able to convey the messages of my guides with great kindness and a lot of listening. Step by step I can now implement my life in an orientation that suits me more.

Manon - Spirit Baby Communication

Manon (Mauricius)

"Anne-Claire helped me gain clarity and bring awareness on where I am at and where I want to go. She guided me to find this right balance between private and professional life but also to develop my talents and gifts.

Cécile - Spiritual Coaching

Cécile (France)

"Anne-Claire's approach is fluid, clear and expressed with great simplicity and humility. The authenticity of his posture gave me confidence and nourished the depth and lightness of the session. I laughed as much as I cried.

Punam - Spiritual Coahing

Punam (Canada)

"Anne-Claire was able to ask the essential questions and help me discover the challenges I held within me. She opened doors which helped me reconnect to my self-love and shifted the vision of my life. She is a being of light in consciousness.

Mélanie  Spiritual Coaching

Mélanie (Canada)

"Anne-Claire shared incredible information with me. I felt immediately comfortable discussing personal matters with her. She helped me see my life much clearer and I now know where to focus my energy. I recommend spiritual coaching sessions with her wholeheartedly! 

Maud - Spiritual Coaching - Pregnancy Coaching

Maud (France)

"Anne-Claire has great finesse and accuracy. With her visions, she helped me channel my guides. She has offered me great support and opened perspectives far beyond what I could imagine. In just one session, she opened my eyes to the greatness I have within.

Johanna - Spiritual Coaching

Johanna (Canada)

"I would like to share with you the impact your workshop had in me. I tuned into my true self I was able to receive clear visions of my mission in life. Now I have a clear understanding of where i'm heading and the excitement it creates in my life, to be able to be of service to others and to raise people's awareness of their full potential.

Sarah - Spiritual Coaching

Sarah (Reunion Island)

"Anne-Claire was able to sense where I am right now. It feels good to have an outside look to get your head out of the water, because when you're bogged down in your problems and things go away, it's important to find a way out. I have a better idea of how to do it and take responsibility for my well being.

Sacred Pregnancy - Spirit Baby Communication

Fanny (France)

"Magical, sweet and intense experience filled with kindness and love. It brought me a lot of serenity and joy. My heart is filled and I now feel even closer to this little soul.
Superb guidance and valuable advice to put all the chances on our side to welcome our future baby. An incredible experience!  A moment of pure happiness."

Flower of life

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