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Spirit Babies & Birthloss

Healing After a Miscarriage

Experiencing a loss is very challenging, and you often feel lonely and misunderstood.
I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you. I am here to guide you and support you.

Welcome to your Healing Journey

    Are you feeling emotions from anger, guilt, confusion, and sadness to loneliness?

    Do these questions keep popping into your mind: "Why me ?", "Is there something wrong with me ?", "Will I ever be able to get pregnant again ?", "Have I done something wrong ?" etc.

    Are you afraid of going through another miscarriage?

Would you love to get help and talk to someone, but wonder who will understand you?


I lost my baby "Blueberry" at 11 weeks in 2019, and I felt exactly like this. It was a challenging time, but I got a lot of learning and teaching. My healing journey allowed me to create a program to support women, like you, through their grief process.


This six-week holistic program considers the healing of your physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.​ This program aims to help you step by step to move forward without forgetting, find ways to recognize and honour this baby and get ready for another pregnancy when the time is right.

Each session is unique and includes personalized conversations, guidance, and practical tools.

Would you like to know more about this 6 week program?

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Receiving Spirit Baby messages will help

Beautiful mom, please know that even if your baby isn’t with you physically, you are a mom, and you are always connected to your baby.


Spirit Babies (SB) sometimes come to you, but they return to the Spirit Realms because they need to overcome a fear or adjust to their life plan. This is when miscarriages occur.

Spirit Baby Communication can help you to:

    Be reassured that your SB forgives you and wants you to forgive yourself
    Heal many complex and often painful emotions like shame, guilt or regret

    Receive answers to your questions and gain clarity on your situation

    Heal your body from excess stress and restore your body’s balance

    Get relief and closure through mutual understanding with your SB

    Find courage, peace, faith and hope again

Are you interested to learn more about Spirit Baby Communication?

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The Spirit Babies Movement


Working with Anne-Claire allowed me to get a better understanding of my situation. Anne-Claire always found the right words and offered the right tools to help me to evolve towards acceptance. Meeting with my Spirit Babies was magical and gave me clear answers. An incredible experience! Thank you, Anne-Claire, for your listening, kindness, and beautiful personality.

Sandrine, France
Sandrine did the 6-week healing program, in 2019, after losing her twins at 9 weeks.

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How does a Spirit Baby (sb) Session Work?

30 min Discussion

○ Set your intention

○ Spiritual Coaching

○ Share questions for your Spirit Babies

15 min Healing

○ Energy Clearing

○ Chakras Balancing

○ Call in your guides for protection

30 min Guided Journey

○ Travel to SB realm

○ Meet - bond with SB

○ Get the answers to your questions

15 min Closure

○ Back in the present moment

○ Debrief

○ Spiritual homework

Each session is a combination of intuitive insights, guidance and life coaching. 


Flower of life

Spirit Baby Communication (SBC) 
Investment & Packages 

One Time Session


$ 250

✓ ONE 90-minute session with a Spirit Baby medium

✓ Ask your questions and receive Spirit Baby messages

✓ Energy Clearing & Balancing

✓ Guided Journey to meet your Spirit Babies

✓ Spiritual Practices to continue connection on your own

Package of 3 Sessions


$ 700

✓ Everything in One Time Session

✓ THREE 90-minute sessions with a Spirit Baby medium

✓ Ongoing validation that you are indeed connecting

✓ Deeper healing and understanding of your situation

✓ Unlimited email support in between sessions

Package of 5 Sessions


$ 1100

✓ Everything in Package of 3

✓ FIVE 90-minute sessions with a Spirit Baby medium

✓ Deeper work on accessing intuition

✓ Ongoing feedback and advice to receive daily Spirit Baby messages

✓ Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

I am only looking to work with women and couples who truly believe it is the right decision to work together.

Flower of life

GO DEEPER - 6 week Healing Journey

You will love the "6-week Healing Journey post-miscarriage" if you wish to go deeper. In this program, you will be guided step by step to move forward without forgetting, find ways to honour this baby and get ready for another pregnancy. 

This program is a blend of Spirit Baby Communication & Spiritual Coaching.

Book your free discovery call to start this Healing Journey together.

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