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Your "6 Week Healing Journey" mixes Spiritual Coaching and Spirit Baby Communication.

Welcome to your 6 week Healing Journey
After a miscarriage

Your "6 Week Healing Journey" goes beyond the basics of what's happening with your body. It helps you grieve and guide you spiritually as well as emotionally on your healing path to give you the best chances of conceiving again.

What if you could...

❤    Feel deeply supported through this vulnerable and emotional time in your life ? 

❤    Find courage, peace, faith and hope again ?

❤    Feel at peace with what happened and confident about the future ?

Do you desire to...

❤    Heal many complex and often painful emotions like shame, guilt or regret ?

❤    Receive answers to your questions and gain clarity on your situation ?

❤    Be able to communicate directly with your Spirit Babies ?

Your "6 Week Healing Journey" is a powerful program which will give you all the chances to move forward without forgetting. It invites you to reflect, to be utterly conscious during this challenging life experience.

I’m glad you’re seeking support and guidance as grieving is essential for you to carry-on on your journey toward motherhood! If you do not process it now, it might catch up to you later.

Supporting women like you on your unique journey is my deepest passion, and I can’t wait to work with you.

Spirit Babies and Miscarriage

Spiritual Coaching Journey

Healing After
a Miscarriage

with Spirit Babies

Flower of life

The 6 week Healing Journey
is for you if...

❤    You lost a baby while being pregnant 

❤    You are looking for someone who will truly understand what you are going through and can support you in a holistic way

❤    You want guidance and tools to help you, to ground as well as elevate yourself physically, spiritually, mentally

❤    You wish to connect with your baby to understand better what has happened

❤    You would love to clear your uterus and your energy to welcome a future baby

❤    You want to prepare for a future positive pregnancy and birth experience


The "6 Week Healing Journey" will offer you a holistic and spiritual approach to support and prepare you mentally, emotionally and spiritually for becoming a Mom!

Are you interested in starting your Healing Journey ?

Flower of life
The Spirit Babies Movement


Working with Anne-Claire allowed me to get a better understanding of my situation. Anne-Claire always found the right words and offered the right tools to help me to evolve towards acceptance. Meeting with my Spirit Babies was magical and gave me clear answers. An incredible experience! Thank you Anne-Claire for your listening, your kindness and your beautiful personality.

Sandrine, France

Sandrine did the 6 Week Healing Journey in 2019 after losing her twins at 9 weeks.

Flower of life

What you will get from this journey together

Unique Guidance

One-on-one conversation to gain clarity on your journey to motherhood.

Holistic Approach

We will look at every dimension: physical body, mind, spirit and energetic body.

Practical Tools

Learn personalized exercices and spiritual practices to take home.


Learn personalized exercises and spiritual practices to take home.

Losing a baby is a significant event in a woman's life. You were not meant to do this alone.
Receive deep, immersive coaching and mentoring tailored to your needs. 

This Journey together will allow you to:

❤    Accept the grief and start the Healing Journey​

❤    Feel heard, supported and understood

❤    Express and embody your emotions​

❤    Meet your Spirit Babies​ and ask them questions

❤    Find ways to honor your baby​

❤    Reconnect with your body and cleanse your energy

❤    Move from a place of grief to gratitude and forgiveness​

❤    Take time for yourself and respect your needs during this time

❤    Start thinking about what’s next​

❤    Lay the foundation to have a positive future and full-term pregnancy

❤    Share your story

Each session is a combination of intuitive insights, guidance and life coaching.

Flower of life

What is Included in Your 6 week Healing Journey 

As you are unique and your journey is unique, your 6 Week Healing Journey is totally customized based on your individual needs and desires.

This is your chance to have personal, loving and empowering support and guidance throughout your journey of becoming a mother.

6 week program


✓ Pre-journey history and check-in

✓ SIX 90-minute sessions

✓ Professional support from a Spiritual Coach, Spirit Baby Medium, Naturopath and Healer

✓ Safe container where you can come as you are

✓ Spirit Baby Communication & Spiritual Coaching

✓ Guided journey to meet your Spirit Babies and receive messages

✓ Energy clearing & balancing

✓ Practical exercises & spiritual practices

✓ Email support in between sessions as needed

✓ Post-journey check-in

Spirit Baby
Flower of life

Investment in your Healing Journey

Your 6 week Healing Journey is personnalized to give you the highest chance of recovering and realizing your dream of parenthood.

Book your free discovery call to get to know each other and discuss if we are a good fit to work together.

Healing post miscarriage - Spirit Babies
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