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What is a Spirit Baby ?

Do you know that your Spirit Baby (SB) can help you TO GET PREGNANT, tell you how they want to be born or even share why they left (in case of miscarriage)?

Spirit Babies

If the concept of SB is new to you and you would love to know more about it, bear with me few minutes, and I will tell you everything you need to know about Spirit Babies.

You will love this article if…

You have the desire to have a baby one day

You are trying to conceive

You are having difficulty conceiving and getting pregnant

You are pregnant now

You lost a baby through early pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion

I am Anne-Claire, Spirit Baby Medium, Spiritual Coach and Healer, and in this article “What is a Spirit Baby?”, I will share with you the meaning of SB and answer those 5 questions:

1- What is a Spirit Baby (SB)?

2- Do I have SB?

3- What are the benefits of connecting with your SB?

4- Can anyone receive Spirit Baby messages?

5- What questions can you ask your SB?

We are all souls who existed before this incarnation and who will carry on living after we pass away. Outside of life on this Earth, there are invisible worlds in the universe where there are guides, angels, beings of light, the afterlife, and The Spirit Babies World.

1- What is a Spirit Baby?

SB is a soul who is waiting to incarnate on Earth. Like you have a soul, so does your baby. It is our energetic essence that exists before and afterlife. You may have felt the essence of a loved one who has passed. Connecting with Spirit Babies is very similar.

They had previous lives and now are ready to be reborn and start a new life. They often have past connections to the people who will care for them in their new life.


When a Soul is close to returning to Earth, it will go to the Spirit Babies realm and prepare to incarnate. The Soul will define the reason for their incarnation on Earth, how they want to experiment, where they need to live, what kind of parents they wish for, etc.

Once all of this is done, they will try to find the parents who can facilitate this environment and support them and their life mission.

Acontract” will be created between this Soul and its future parents. This contract can be made before our incarnation or during this lifetime. It can even be created lifetimes before.

2- Do I have a Spirit Baby?

If you are asking this question, there is a high probability that you have one ;-)

Does everyone have Spirit Babies?

Not necessarily. Most of us made that decision before our incarnation, but never forget that we have free will. You can always decide not to have children even if you were initially planning on having one, the same way that you can call in a SB even if you were originally not going to have one.

If you find this article and read it until here, I am 98% sure that Spirit Babies guide you towards me and wants to communicate with you.

3- What are the benefits of connecting with your Spirit Baby?

Gain deep knowing and confidence that everything is unfolding in the right way at the right time

Get clarity on your fertility journey and improved chances of becoming pregnant

Healing and closure in the case of miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion

Relieving doubt, fear, or unease to create a deep sense of peace and calm

Deeper trust and connection​ in yourself and the process

Start and strengthen the relationship you have with your future baby​

Empower you to make better-informed choices

Give you insight and answer questions like " How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant? "

Deepen the communication with your Spirit Babies throughout incarnation, during pregnancy, and motherhood

Interacting with your Spirit Babies is a fantastic holistic fertility tool for conscious conception, pregnancies, and healing after a miscarriage. It helps to conceive and to get pregnant.

It is something that everyone can do, including you.

4- Can anyone receive Spirit Baby messages?

YES, anyone willing can communicate with Spirit Babies can receive Spirit Baby messages. There is no need for special abilities.

The key is to trust the process, quiet the mind (usually through meditation), remove doubts, and create space to facilitate this communication. It takes some time and practice.

In our society, we are not used to meditating and quieting our minds, plus you might have blockages and doubts, making communication more difficult. Most people will start with a Spirit Baby Communication Session with a professional like a Spirit Baby Medium.

After doing a Spirit Baby Communication session, you can communicate with your SB more easily.

Working with Anne-Claire will allow you to discover how your SB wants to communicate with you and gain confidence in your ability to do it independently.

5- What questions can you ask your Spirit Babies?

​You can ask whatever you wish to, but here are the most popular questions:

○ What can I do to help you come?

○ Do we know each other from a past life?

○ How can I communicate with you?

○ Are you coming alone or with a brother or a sister?

○ Why did you choose me as your mom/dad?

○ Why did you leave?

○ How do you want to be born?

I hope this article helped you understand better "What is a Spirit Baby?" and the meaning of Spirit Baby. If you like this article or have further questions, write them in the comment section below :-)

The top 3 facts to remember about Spirit Babies:

1. They are waiting for you to connect with them

2. Your unborn baby will be able to answer your questions and guide you by telling you what they need

3. Believe in miracles. Learn to believe beyond what you can see.

Are you ready to receive Spirit Baby messages from your future baby?

Anne-Claire Spirit Baby Medium

Anne-Claire is a Spirit Baby Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Lightworker and Energy Healer. She has worked with hundreds of women or couples like you, providing excellent guidance and empowering them to receive Spirit Baby messages.

"Anne-Claire is very intuitive and a good listener. She helped me get answers to my questions, not by telling me but by guiding me. That is what makes this experience with Anne-Claire special. I recommend Spirit Baby Communication Sessions.” Saida

“I have nothing but praise for Anne-Claire. She is such a warm and loving person and someone you can trust. She cares deeply about you and your well-being and will be able to guide you wherever you are on your journey. Thank you for being the light that you are, Anne-Claire." Jane

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