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Do I have a Spirit Baby?

Will I become a mum in this lifetime?

Should I keep trying to conceive, or should I give up?

Spirit Babies

Those are fair and great questions that many of my clients ask me. Bear with me a few minutes, and I will share some tips to find out if you have a Spirit Baby.

You will love this article if…

You desire children one day

You are just beginning your conception journey

You have been on the path for years, and you are having difficulty conceiving

You lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion

I am Anne-Claire, Spirit Baby Medium, Spiritual Coach and Healer and in this article, I will guide you to find the answer to this question: "Do I have a Spirit Baby?"

As Walter Makichen says in his book "Spirit Babies." If you ask yourself if you have a Spirit Baby, there is a high probability of having one. And I fully agree with that statement.

I also believe that if you come across a book, article, or podcast about Spirit Babies, it is more likely your Spirit Baby who guides you in that direction.

Reading this article might be a sign that you have a Spirit Baby.

Then you will tell me: "Great, but that doesn't prove I have one." Could I get a sign from them or connect with them?

Yes, you can.

Will it work? I don't know; it is different for everyone.

I will give you some concrete, practical things to do in a minute, but before, I'd like to tell you that even if you tried what I will suggest if you don't receive a sign, a dream or hear, see or feel something, this doesn't mean there are no Spirit Babies.

It more likely means you will need guidance to communicate with your Spirit Babies. That is why I am here and do this job as a bridge, a connector between you and your baby. To help you open a door that you can then open on your own with practice.

1- Have you ever felt a baby's presence?

2- Have you had dreams involving a potential future baby?

3- Do you have a deep intuition or conviction that you will become a mum?

If your answer is "YES" to one of those questions, please TRUST IT. That means a Spirit Baby is trying to communicate with you.

Many of my clients had received signs and dreams previously of coming to see me, but they don't trust it. The question is: "What if I created that?" "What if I am hearing what I want to hear?".

I understand that those doubts can appear, but those doubts often block communication with your future child.

If you are in one of those situations, my invitation will be to reach out to me to reinforce this communication and clear those doubts and blockages. :-)

What if I have answered NO to those questions?

Do not worry. It doesn't mean you do not have a Spirit Baby. You might not be aware of their presence, and you might not have tried to connect with them.

Where can I start?

1- Meditate - no doubt this is the number one piece of advice I am giving you.

If you are already meditating, great, keep on doing so. :-) If you have not meditated before or are just meditating here and there, I will invite you to seriously consider starting and aim to do it daily for 5- 10 minutes. There are a lot of great meditations that you can find on YouTube.

Meditation will quiet your mind, create space, and help you feel better. You need that to communicate with your Spirit Baby.

2- Quiet your mind

- Meditation is a way to do so, but not only

- Exercise, move your body, and reconnect to your body will help you leave your mind aside

- Do what brings you joy; when you focus your energy on things that make you happy, you come out of your thinking, analytic, questioning mind.

3- Create space

Meditation and quieting your mind will help you create some mental space, but you also need to make time. If you are always "go, go, go - doing, doing, doing," you cannot expect to connect with your Spirit Baby. Make time and set the intention that you would like to see if you have a Spirit Baby.

4- Set an intention before going to bed

Ask your Spirit Baby to come to visit you during your dream.

5- Pay attention to your dream

Many Spirit Babies try to communicate through dreams because it is the time when we are available. Start paying attention to your dream. Have a notebook and a pen next to your bed, and take a few minutes to write what comes first thing in the morning.

6- Be grateful every morning - create a positive mind, and with positivity comes openness, so more space to receive :-)

Once you do that consistently, start asking your Spirit Baby to give you a sign to sit with you during your meditation or visit you during your dream.

If you do not have the patience to try that, or you have tried and you are still not getting much information, I can help you :-) Reach out to me here.

I hope this article gave you some starting point to answer the question: "Do I have a Spirit Baby?". I would love to hear your story and what you tried if you ever received a Spirit Baby message...Please share with me in the comment below, or you can send me a private message at

Would you like guidance on finding out if you have a Spirit Baby?

Spirit Baby Communication
Anne-Caire Spirit Baby Medium

Anne-Claire is a Spirit Baby Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Lightworker and Energy Healer. She has worked with hundreds of women or couples like you, providing excellent guidance and empowering them to receive Spirit Baby messages.

"Anne-Claire is very intuitive and a good listener. She helped me get answers to my questions, not by telling me but by guiding me. That is what makes this experience with Anne-Claire special. I recommend Spirit Baby Communication Sessions." Saida

"I have nothing but praise for Anne-Claire. She is such a warm and loving person and someone you can trust. She cares deeply about you and your well-being and will be able to guide you wherever you are on your journey. Thank you for being the light that you are, Anne-Claire." Jane

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