Spirit Baby Communication

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My Vision

" One day, we will all be aware of our abilities to connect with our babies before they are born."

I BELIEVE in the insible world.

I BELIEVE in your ability to connect with your Spirit Babies.

I BELIEVE that communication with our children prebirth could solve a lot of issues.

Flower of life


" My mission is to prepare the path for new souls to incarnate on Earth."

I work with Conscious & Spiritual Women and Couples ready to welcome a New Soul in their life and who are looking for guidance along the way.

Flower of life

My Values

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Open minded – Consciousness – Awareness 


Authenticity - I value real realationship and communication, where we can speak our truth and be honest. 

Respect & Trust - I provide an environment where you can arrive exactly how you are.

Passion - I am passionate about the Spirit Babies realm, Sacred Pregnancy & Home Birth. 

Clarity - Here is the feedback I receive the most from clients: "I gained clarity with our sessions."

Faith - Everything happens for a reason and all the people I meet enter my life for a reason.