My Life 


My Vision

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi


A World whithout war, where we all feel safe

A World without borders, where poverty and racism don't exist

A World of community, where we walk hand by hand 

A World of equality and generosity, detach from money and power

A World of freedom, where everyone could express themself freely

A World of respect, where we will cherish mother nature

A World dominated by love and joy


I BELIEVE in it and to make it happen we need to take action and all take responsability for our actions.

I BELIEVE it will happen if people are aligned with their soul and bring more awareness in what they do.

I BELIEVE in people taking actions towards their dreams and making the planet better for future generations.


"Live the life that you desire not the one which is expecting from you."

Play my part in the healing and betterment of this planet by raising consciousness and awareness about how we live, think, interact and treat ourself, each other and our planet.

Guide you to find the meaning of your life, to reconnect to what you truly want, to step into it and become the architect of your own reality.

If we all do that there would be more harmony, love and joy on the planet, we will rediscover the sense of community and walk hand by hand and not against each other and ego driven.

My mission is to help you see clearer, reconnect to yourself, open pathways of possibility and guide you through the changes to create a life in alignment with your heart's desire. I am here to empower thousands of women to reconnect to their true self, stand up for who they are, speak their truth, blossom and shine.

My Values

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Open minded – Consciousness - Awareness 

Authenticity - I value real realationship and comminucation, where we can speak our truth and be honest. 

Respect & Trust - I provide an environment where you can arrive exactly how you are.

Passion - I am passionate about helping people to reconnect to their true self and see them blossom. 

Clarity - Here is the feedback I receive the most from clients: "I gained clarity with our sessions."

Faith - Everything happens for a reason and all the people I meet enter my life for a reason.

Anne-Claire Le Bihan

Based in Vancouver (Canada)

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