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Meet your Spirit Baby

Conscious Conception

You want a baby more than anything and you always thought getting pregnant would be easy.
But it turns out it’s not that simple. Take my hand and let’s do this together.

Welcome to Conscious Conception

Conscious conception is the practice of calling a child into your body and your life with mindful intention and awareness. 


Conscious conception might be right for you if:


❤    You have the strong desire to become a Mom. Something is blocking you from getting pregnant but you can't find out what.

❤    You have read all the books you can get your hands on, seen all the specialists and even tried herbs and acupuncture but you’re still not pregnant.


❤    You feel your biological clock ticking and you are worried about months or years passing by.

Every month is the same old story.

Perhaps, you are overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. You wonder if there is something you are missing.

If I tell you that connecting with your SPIRIT BABY WILL HELP YOU gain clarity and see the bigger picture of your situation, would you do it?

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Meeting your Spirit Baby will help you

Getting pregnant is about SO much more than just sperm and egg. It is about you calling the soul of your child into your heart, womb and life.

The soul of your baby exists already! It can communicate with you on a soul level and has certain needs before it even comes to Earth.

Meeting your Spirit Baby will help you to:


    Receive answers to your questions

    Gain insight into what is contributing to your struggle with pregnancy

    Find courage, peace, faith and hope again

❤    Experience comfort and healing
    Alleviate feelings of frustration, self-blame and fear
    Feel inspired to enjoy your romantic relationship again
    Heal your body from excess stress and restore your body’s balance
    Develop a relationship with your child before they are even in your womb, and more...

Ready to meet your Spirit Baby?

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Meet your Spirit Baby during Pregnancy

Working with Anna was a MAGICAL, SWEET and INTENSE experience filled with kindness and love. It brought me a lot of serenity and joy. My heart is filled and I feel closer to this little soul.
SUPERB GUIDANCE and valuable advice to put all the chances on our side to welcome our future baby. An incredible experience! Thank you for your generosity and your kindness.

Fanny, France
Fanny came to see me after one year of trying to conceive. She got pregnant 1 month after our session and gave birth to her little man in August 2021.

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How does a Spirit Baby (sb) Session Work?

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30 min Discussion

○ Set your intention

○ Spiritual Coaching

○ Share questions for your SB

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15 min Healing

○ Energy Clearing

○ Chakras Balancing

○ Call in your guides for protection

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30 min Guided Journey

○ Travel to SB realm

○ Meet - bond with SB

○ Get the answers to your questions

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15 min Closure

○ Back in the present moment

○ Debrief

○ Spiritual homework

Each session is a combination of intuitive insights, guidance and life coaching.


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Spirit Baby Communication (SBC) 
Investment & Packages 

One Time Session


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$ 200

✓ ONE 90-minute session

✓ Ask your questions and receive messages from your SB

✓ Energy Clearing & Balancing

✓ Guided Journey to meet your Spirit Baby

✓ Spiritual Practices to continue connection on your own

Package of 3 Sessions


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$ 550

✓ Everything in One Time Session

✓ THREE 90-minute sessions

✓ Ongoing validation that you are indeed connecting

✓ Deeper healing and understanding of your situation

✓ Unlimited email support in between sessions

Package of 5 Sessions


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$ 900

✓ Everything in Package of 3

✓ FIVE 90-minute sessions

✓ Deeper work on accessing intuition

✓ Ongoing feedback and advice to receive daily messages from your SB

✓ Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

I am only looking to work with women and couples who truly believe it is the right decision to work together.

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If you wish to go deeper, I offer personnalized packages to give you the highest chance of realizing your dream of parenthood. These packages are a blend of Spirit Baby Communication & Spiritual Coaching.

Book your free discovery call to discover those offers and discuss which one will be the best fit for you.