Group Spiritual Life Coaching

"Never forget the power of community, their support and love will help you grow and blossom."

Are you ready to reflect on your life and take action to transform it?

You love connected with like minded people & feeling supported and understood.

If you answered YES to the following questions: GROUP COACHING is for you.

Throught 5 weeks program, I will empower you as a group to achieve your goals.

Partner Manifestation


A 5 week program to reconnect to self love, let go and heal your past relationships and call in the relationship that you want.

Vision Board


A 5 weeks program to reconnect to your dreams, create your vision board and start taking action in that direction.

Develop Intuition


A 5 week program to explore your intuition and how to use it in your everyday life.

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I am interested in:

Anne-Claire Le Bihan

Based in Vancouver (Canada)

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