1:1 Spiritual Coaching

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1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching

Specialized in Spirit Babies Communication,Conscious Conception,
Sacred Pregnancy & Birth.

I work with Conscious & Spiritual Women and Couples ready to welcome
a New Baby Soul in their life and who are looking for guidance along the way.

spiritual guidance - connect with your s


Before Conception, During Pregnancy, After A Birthloss

In a 1:1 session, I will give you guidance to help you see clearer, reconnect to yourself, open pathways of possibility and guide you through the changes to create a life in alignment with your heart's desire, with your soul. 

I’ve been guided by Spirit to use my gifts to open doors and shine the light onto people’s life paths. It is my mission to support your spiritual journey, to help you stand up for who you are, shine and share your light with the world.

One Time Spiritual Guidance

One session to gain clarity

in one area your life.

A mix of coaching & guidance.

Stand up

& Shine Package

A 3 month package to help you reconnect to yourself and manifest your dream life.




A Guided Session to meet with your guides, your loved one who's passed away or the soul of your future baby

"Each session is a combination of intuitive insights, guidance and life coaching."

flower of life

Who is it for?

Women who have a strong desire to start something new and need some guidance on the way.

Women who have a call to create a life with more meaning and a positive impact on our planet.

Women who want to find out who they are and how to express themself fully and authentically in the world.

Women who are not fulfilled with their life and who are willing to transform it, reconnect to their soul and take actions.


How much does Spiritual Life Coaching sessions cost?

The real question is, how much are you willing to invest in your personal development and transformation? Your future is shaped by making the decision to invest in yourself now. You improve the quality of your life, you find success, peace of mind and happiness by making your personal and professional growth a priority. One Time session are usually $200 for 90 minutes.

An excellent way to ensure your commitment to Spiritual Life Coaching, is to purchase your complete Coaching package upfront. That is why I created "Stand-up & Shine" package which is $1800 for 3 months.

What is the difference between Therapy and Life Coaching ?

What is Therapy? Therapy, also called counseling or psychotherapy, is typically a long-term process in which a client works with a healthcare professional. Therapy focuses on the past, on introspection and analysis, with the hope of resolving past issues. What is Life Coaching? Life coaching is usually short to medium-term process and will focus on where you are now and where you want to go. A life coach seek to empower and will guide you & invite you to take effective actions towards your goals. As your spiritual life coach, I will take your past in consideration (if needed) but I am not here to heal your past trauma, I am here to help you create a life in alignment with your soul, with your dreams.

Why should you work with Soul Journey?

Most of my client said: "I had a call to work with you."

To have good results and really create changes, you need to choose a coach who inspires and resonates with you.

We are all unique! I am not the expert who claims to know everything, but I do have the knowledge, the personal experiences and the passion to guide women who are willing to transform their life, stand up for who there are and shine.

My psychic abilities will help guide you in the right direction, to gain clarity and to find out what might be blocking you. My intention is to help you set a goal which is aligned with your soul and my gifts & intuition allow me to do so.

Not many people are Spiritual Life Coach, Naturopath and Healty Chef + have travelled the world for 10 years on a spiritual journey + have psychic abilities! All of that make me who I AM: UNIQUE.

I believe in attracting the women who are meant to work with me.

What is the difference between "One Time Spiritual Guidance" & "Guided Soul Journey"?

In the Spiritual Guidance Session, we will have an intuitive open discussion and I will ask you powerfull questions to help you gain clarity and find your own answers from within. I will also share with you information I might receive. In the Guided Soul Journey, you will be lying down most of the session and I will take you on a guided meditation to find your own answers. Both sessions are really empowering and powerful. Choose what speaks to you more, what calls you. If you tend to have a really strong mind and find it difficult to let go or if guided meditation are difficult for your to follow, I recommend the Spiritual Guidance session. You can always contact me to discuss which one will be more appropriate for your situation.

flower of life


She helps me build trust within myself...


"Anne-Claire helped me make decisions that are powerful, meaningful and have impact in my life. She is committed to serving from her whole heart and spirit, and she does so with the utmost integrity.

She has helped me move forward and inwards and outwards. I am forever grateful to have met Anne-Claire and feel blessed for the work we are doing together. She helps me build trust within myself, helps me hear my inner voice more clearly but also helps me believe and feel that I can do it."

- Punam, Vancouver BC