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The Spiritual Path To Motherhood 

A 12-Week Transformational Live Online Program for Women TTC*

*Trying To Conceive

Conscious Conception 
Sacred Pregnancy & Birth


The Spirit Babies Movement

" My Mission Is To Prepare The Path For New Souls To Incarnate On Earth."

❤  You are having difficulty conceiving
❤  You need guidance to prepare for your baby's birth
❤  You feel lonely and misunderstood after the loss of your baby


Spirit Baby Medium

Welcome beautiful soul to
The Spirit Babies Movement

I am glad our paths are crossing. I want you to know that I see you and I am here to support you in your journey toward parenthood.

I am Anne-Claire, Spirit Baby Medium  ○  Conscious Fertility & Sacred Pregnancy Doula  ○  Spiritual Coach  ○  Writer ○  Naturopath  ○  Energy Healer  ○  Lightworker

Your Soul has led you here for a reason, I invite you to trust that.

Flower of life


Specialized in Spirit Baby Communication, I work with conscious & spiritual women and couples ready to welcome a new soul into their lives and who are looking for guidance along the way.

Am I meant to become a parent?  ○  Why can't I conceive?  ○  What is my unborn child trying to tell me?

As a Spirit Baby Medium, I will guide you to receive direct Spirit Baby messages to have a better understanding of your situation and see if there is anything that can be done to support their incarnation.

Spirit Babies and Infertility

Spirit Babies and Infertility.

Are you struggling to build your family and curious about answers from the other side? Receive Spirit Baby messages

Spirit Babies and Pregnancy_edited.jpg

Would you like to start bonding with your baby, learn ways to communicate with your Spirit Babies and prepare for their birth ?

Spirit Babies and Infertility 2

Have you had a loss through miscarriage or stillbirth and need support ? Start your healing journey now and receive Spirit Baby messages.

Flower of life
Spirit Babies and Infertility 2


" Loved the session. Anne-Claire is very professional, inviting and open. Meeting with my Spirit Babies was a relaxing and enlightening experience. It brought me peace and hope in knowing how to contact my baby on my own. You are informative, patient and kind. Thank you for a great session.

Spirit Baby Story


" MAGICAL, sweet and intense experience filled with kindness and love. It brought me a lot of serenity and joy. My heart is filled and I now feel even closer to this little soul.
Superb guidance and valuable advice to put all the chances on our side to welcome our future baby. An incredible experience!  A moment of pure happiness.

Spirit Baby Story


" ANNE-CLAIRE HAS GIFTS that undoubtedly take women towards empowerment and self-discovery. I was lucky enough to work with Anne-Claire following a miscarriage. Her listening, kindness and beautiful personality guided me and helped me to move through it.

I was heard and understood during my time of immense grief.

Words from my clients

Flower of life

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