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Sacred Pregnancy & Birth

Flower of life

My Mission is to prepare the path for new Souls to incarnate on Earth
& to empower you on your Conception, Pregnancy and Motherhood Journey.

Spirit Babies & Sacred Pregnancy


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Specialized in Spirit Babies Communication, Conscious Conception,
Sacred Pregnancy & Birth.

I work with Conscious & Spiritual Women and Couples ready to welcome

a New Baby Soul in their life and who are looking for guidance along the way.

Spirit Babies Communication

Conscious Conception

Sacred Pregnancy


after Miscarriage

Flower of Life

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I am ANNA, a Spirit Baby Communicator, Conscious Fertility & Sacred Pregnancy Doula, Spiritual Life Coach,Writer, Naturopath, Energy Healer & Lightworker.

What is Spirit Baby Communication?
Who is this for?

I am Here to:

Help Spirit Babies to communicate with their future Mums/Parents


Help future Mums/Parents to prepare to welcome their future baby.

Flower of life

Ready to meet your Spirit Babies?

Flower of life
Testimonial Spirit Babies Communication


Anne-Claire was able to ask the essential questions and help me discover the challenges I held within me. She opened doors which helped me reconnect to my self-love and shifted the vision of my life. She is a being of light in consciousness.

What They Say...

Testimonial Spirit Babies Communication


Anne-Claire shared incredible information with me. I felt immediately comfortable discussing personal matters with her. She helped me see my life much clearer and I now know where to focus my energy. I recommend spiritual coaching sessions with her wholeheartedly! 



Anne-Claire has great finesse and accuracy. With her visions, she helped me channel my guides. She has offered me great support and opened perspectives far beyond what I could imagine. In just one session, she opened my eyes to the greatness I have within.

Flower of life

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